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      We supply various models egg tray machine, egg tray production lines and egg tray production technology connected manufacting, sales, assembling and technical service. We offer well-equipped advanced technology with strong technical service to meet clients’ requirement. Our excellent quality, prompt delivery, reasonable prices, courteous service won all clients praise.
      Main products: small, medium-size, large egg tray production line, paper pulp molding machine, packaging machine, shapping machine, various mold, iron tray for drying, various accessories. We exported to United States, Russia and Southeast Asia.

    30Years of production experience

    committed to the production and R & D of egg tray equipment

    Honesty, high quality and low price

    Excellent quality, timely delivery, reasonable price and considerate service

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    1. Within three working days after the customer receives the equipment, we will send engineers to the local for installation, commissioning and staff training. The working time is determined according to the contract.
    2. After arriving at the customer's factory, the engineer will test, evaluate and make a work plan for the customer's preliminary preparation.
    3. After the client's construction personnel arrive at the site:
    4. Our engineers answer the questions of the customer's employees during installation, commissioning and training.


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    Lingshou South Ring Road Industrial Park, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

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    In the process of 30 years of professional production and R & D, it has more than 3000 customers and accumulated rich customer and industry experience in the industry. These valuable resources not only enable the company to have professional production and R & D capacity, but also highlight the company's sales and service ability in the industry.



    Listen attentively to the voice of customers, devote 30 years to the production and R & D of egg tray equipment, and continuously improve the service quality!

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